Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7 Elements Of How To Make Money Blogging

English: Sven Meissner - Online-Marketing Deut...Image via WikipediaHow to make money from blogging and creating a successful online business from home is becoming an extremely popular past time. Last time I checked the number of keyword searches for "how to make money blogging" there were over 40,000 a month for that keyword phrase alone and would you believe over 1 MILLION search the term "blogging" every month around the world. How crazy is that?
Unfortunately, the sad fact is that out of all the millions of blogs and websites etc that are loaded up every week only about 1% of people that own these sites actually make any money. Now if you believed every product, program, system, automated software and guru out there on the topic of blogging and online marketing you'd think all you had to do was turn on your computer, upload some magic software, click a few buttons and "Hey Presto!" your bank account starts filling up with cash and you never have to work again.
This is complete nonsense and if you are buying every program out there and getting swamped you must stop now. Read this article, watch a few videos I suggest and then go for a walk for 10-15 minutes to figure out how you can get going without any distractions and going from one product/program etc to the next. If you keep doing that then you WILL NEVER succeed. You may as well go buy a lotto ticket and watch TV because the odds will be the same. The only difference is you'll not have to do any work.
What I am giving you here are the 7 key elements of how to make money blogging so you can gradually build a strong, profitable online presence that will gain momentum to the point where you can never shut it down or knock it over.
You will be 10 foot tall and bullet proof! Here are the 7 key elements.
1. Profitable Niche
2. Profitable Keywords
3. Website Presence/Online Real Estate
4. Content- quality with appropriate keyword rich
5. Traffic- preferably targeted
6. Presell Offers to build rapport and trust
7. Search Engine Friendly
"That's Great Julian!" I hear you say. "I am completely new and I have NO idea where to start!" or you have been told so many things, so many different ways, wasted money and countless hours that you are now completely confused and about to give up.
Does that sound like you? I hear it all the time so if that is you I want you to take a big breath and realise that first of all you are not alone and it isn't your fault. It is very easy to get lost in all the noise. What I want to do here is make sure you understand how to get familiar with these 7 elements and have them making money for you
Just click on the link in my signature box to get yourself on the right track. Best of luck!
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