Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Moms Should Blog

Blogging HeroesImage via WikipediaA new mom is always busy and just trying to find some time to sleep. In between changing diapers, feedings, baths, doing laundry, and getting used to having another person to care for, she has little time to think about going online.
However, many moms are discovering that blogging can be a great idea. The number of blogging moms is always increasing. Blogging is a way for moms from all over the world to share their experiences and advice with each other.
Becoming a mother, is a very exciting time in a woman's life. It's amazing and sometimes overwhelming, but always well worth it. Blogging is a way for mothers to vent when they are having a rough day, and it's a way to get and give advice. Other moms are always looking for advice on getting their baby to sleep through the night, potty training, and pretty much anything and everything related to children.
New moms are often stuck with weird hours, up at night, napping during the day. Blogging allows moms to blog whenever they can. Blogging can be a good way to spend a night when sleep isn't really happening, it can make the night go by faster.
New moms also tend to get stuck at home a lot. They are adjusting to their new life and always have things to do. A new mom can slowly lose touch with her social life and friends. Blogging allows moms to connect with other people, especially other moms that are going through the same thing. Joining a blogging community of moms can create new friendships and teach moms many new things.
If a mom lives far away from some family members blogging can even be a way to easily keep in touch. With time zone differences and strange new mom schedules, it can become to stay in touch with loved ones. Blogging allows a mom to make posts about her new baby whenever she has free time and then her relatives can go onto the blog read updates and view pictures. This keeps anyone from feeling left out. With modern technology moms can even take videos of their baby and post them on their blog for loved ones to see.
Some people update blogs daily and make money from blogging, however, moms don't need to. They most likely won't have time to make blog posts every day and they don't have hours to spend blogging. This is why blogging is so great. It can be done when its convenient even if that isn't very often.
Blogging is simply a way for moms to blow off some steam, keep in touch with relative, connect with other moms, get and give advice on topics that are important to mothers.
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The Real Supermum said...

I agree every mum should blog - I get so much out of blogging - it really has opened up a whole new world for me.