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The Fun Side of Blogging

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseThere are different purposes for blogging such as earning an income; however, blogging can also be done just for fun. Many bloggers use it to express their thoughts and feelings. Bloggers like sharing their opinions to people all around the world.
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Blogging can be fun when bloggers aren't worrying about traffic and profit. Blogging is great for expression, communication, and for keeping records.
The main reason people blog is to express themselves. Instead of keeping things bottled up inside or only telling a few close friends, people can now express their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas to others worldwide. Bloggers may express themselves about their personal lives, dreams, politics, celebrities, pretty much anything. Blogs can include articles, songs, stories, poetry, and even videos. Blogging allows people to express themselves and find other people with the same thoughts or interests. Bloggers should always be careful about what they post, because it can be seen by anyone. In some cases a blog can cause personal problems for someone especially if readers are offended by what a blogger says. Blogs can actually be kept private, like an electronic diary. This is a good option for people that was to vent, but don't want the whole world to know personal thoughts.
Someone may also start a blog if they live far away from friends and family. It can be a way to keep in touch and easily keep everyone up to date without having to repeat the same stories over and over again. Blogging can simplify communication. Instead of sending multiple e-mails, and playing phone tag trying to reach everyone, one can write a blog and all friends and family members can read it. A blogger can post stories about the current events in their life and even post photos. Whenever friends and family have time, they can read the blog and leave comments. Everyone can read all the comments so not only can everybody keep in touch with the blogger, but they can with everyone else too.
Another reason for creating a blog can be for keeping a record or something. Blogging can be an easy thing to update every day. Many people blog to keep record of things such as weddings, pregnancies, etc. The blogger can post photos and update the blog every day. Instead of creating a scrapbook or photo album, a blog can serve as a digital scrapbook.
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