Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to Escape Those Annoying Error Messages

A Texas Instruments TI-86 graphing calculator ...Image via WikipediaWe have all encountered one of those annoying error messages on our computers before. If you are some sort of computer expert, then these error messages may not be so annoying. However, to an individual who is not computer savvy it is an extreme annoyance. Receiving an error message is even more annoying when you are trying to access a program that you use for work or school. A lot of times these error messages can prevent you from being capable of accessing all of the features of the program or the program altogether.
Instead of spending a load of money taking your computer to a computer expert to resolve the error message, you may want to try something a little easier and cheaper. One of the most common reasons for receiving an error message when trying to access a program on your computer is due to a file that has become broken or corrupted. You do not have to be a computer expert to resolve this problem.
Before you pay someone to fix your computer, you should have a registry clean up performed on your computer. The reason you should do this is because the reason for the error message is most likely due to a broken or corrupted file that is stored in the registry. The registry of your computer is like a giant library in your computer. All of the files and information is stored in this part of your computer. A registry clean up can scan through the entire registry and find any broken or corrupted files which may be preventing the particular program from functioning properly.
If the registry clean up finds any files that are broken or corrupted, the clean up program will perform the necessary procedure to fix the files. However, if the problem is more serious and cannot be fixed, the registry clean up program will notify you of the problem. If the problem was due to a file in the registry and the registry clean up program repairs the file, then the error message will be resolved and you will have saved money because you did not have to take your computer to a repair shop.
The program will also run faster as a result of the registry clean up because the clean up will eliminate any unnecessary or unneeded files and information that are being stored in the computer's registry which will result in more space and speed on the computer.

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