Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Should You Run Your Own Article Directory?

What are the benefits of running your very own article directory? The majority of internet marketers are saying that article marketing is one of the best strategies to produce traffic. And they're talking about targeted web traffic which is much more valuable than any other kind of traffic sources.
An established article directory is highly ranked in the search engines. People subscribe to the directory and start submitting their articles. You can place advertisement on the site with your affiliate links or even sell ad space. When your article directory is well established and developed people are willing to pay a good fortune for running ads on your site.
All your subscribers leave their email address and that means you already have a good filled email list. All Internet Marketers are saying that the money is in the list. Having an email list with thousands of email addresses is a perfect way to earn money. You can offer products or affiliate items to just mention a few methods of earning cash with an email list.
With a huge email list you have numerous ways to earn yourself good money. New Internet Marketers are looking for Joint Ventures with Owners of huge email lists. You offer their products to your list of subscribers and most times you get 50 percent or even more commissions for every sale. Do it over and over again with different Joint Ventures for tons of sales. You get the message? I bet you did and noticed the huge benefits of running your very own article directory.
The more subscribers you have, the more articles there are in your directory, the more visitors your site has the more valuable your website will be. In this state you can consider of even selling the entire directory for good money. It's so called domain flipping. People are willing to pay you a fortune for established websites especially article directories. There are lots of places in the World Wide Web where you can offer domains or established websites, i.e. eBay, sedo, dnforum and many more.
The above mentioned strategies are only the tip of an iceberg of the many other possibilities you have to make good money with an article directory. And best of all it's not even expensive to start off running your own article web site. I'll be back with more information coming soon.

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