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What To Avoid When Submitting Your Work To An Article Directory

English dialectsImage via WikipediaIf you have decided to integrate the use of an article directory into your online marketing strategy, you should ensure that you capitalize on the reach that is made possible. If you have never composed articles before, you may find that the task is not as easy as you initially believed. Each online directory would have a strict set of guidelines that you should adhere to if you do not want to deal with the frustrating task of re-editing your prose for approval.
To start with you should have a suitable grasp of the English language. If English is not your first language, or if you are not so familiar with basic grammar rules, the best option would be to hire the services of an individual who is. Today the standards expected are a lot higher than was the case a few years ago. If the article is not composed to a high quality, it is unlikely to go live let alone attract the interests of web surfers.
The article should not be overtly promotional. The main body of the text should be informative and interesting. If you simply hype up your own website, product, or services, it is unlikely that the information will be published. There is the option of adding a site's URL in the resource box, this is usually the only promotional aspect of the article.
Do not be tempted to copy, plagiarize, or anyway reuse content that is already live on the net. All article directories use advanced plagiarism software that would immediately make it clear whether the work is original. If you are found to be copying the text from another source your account may be terminated and any articles that were published taken down.
Be careful with your use of keywords. You should learn what density of keywords would allow the article to be seen most favorably by a search engine. If possible try to start the title with the keyword and then use it again in the first and last paragraph. Sprinkling other relevant keywords and phrases throughout the body of the article can enhance the potential results.
Do not use an article spinning program to make various duplicates of the original article. Software creates articles that are virtually unreadable to humans and is therefore a waste of energy. For an article to attract a lot of attention it must have been composed by a person and not a program.
Do not fill the text with irrelevant information that is off topic. Building up the number of words with pointless phrases would not allow your article to be seen in a positive light. Always think of what would be of interest to the reader and would hold their attention and arouse their curiosity.
Instead of submitting to each and every article directory that is in existence, find out which three or four are the most popular and send your work to these. There are some directories that have cornered the market and offer the greatest benefits to authors.

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