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What Is The Difference Between Articles And Press Releases?

taken by משתמש:HmbrImage via WikipediaYou might be wondering what the difference is between a written article and a press release. You may even be wondering what each of these is. Well, the question of articles vs press releases is not an incredibly difficult one to answer.
A noteworthy piece of information about your particular business or a product you might be selling that you then submit to a media source is a press release. This means you would not let them know about it unless it was of interest to you the world or your clients. Say if you have a recall or a defect in a product, then you may want to do release one on it and let customers know before they find out in a negative way, like have something catch fire.
Although, most of the time these are used for more positive purposes. In this way it is used as a tool for helping you get more clients, or at least generating more interest in your products. It is only used for negative things to help you keep control of the information given out.
A press release can also be used for positive purposes. Say for instance, you are having some very important even at your business or introducing a new important product, then you may want to let people know through this means. They are likely to at least check it out if they see it in the news or in a daily newspaper.
Using the press release for marketing efforts can be a good idea but it is not a long lasting solution to your advertising needs. It will interest people to a certain extent but it will also be just a part of all the stuff they hear in a day. However, if you have written a good article either online or say in a magazine, in the long run it will have a better lasting effect.
An article is not used in the same way as the other type of advertising. The article is more of a written work that discusses an area you have expertise in and is interesting and informative to the reader. This, like any other thing about a business, should link people to your website and help create traffic there.
Having these articles link to your website is the best way to help get and continue to get more people to buy thins from you or use your services. It is important to know the difference between these two types of written materials, so you know when and how to use both of them to help you in your business.
Now that you understand the difference between articles and press releases you can now begin to use them to help you and your business, and maybe make some more money while you are at it. Hiring someone to help you write a competent article may be the next step you wish to take on your path to a better business. This can also be done online with not too much effort on your part.

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