Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To Make An Article Sell Your Product Or Service

Article writing has become one of the most common trades on the internet, and there are a lot of good reasons for that. One in particular is that an article is actually a very effective way of selling a product, and it reaches audiences that other forms of marketing don't quite get to. Therefore, being able to get articles to sell your product is a very valuable thing.
'Soft selling' is a phrase very often used in this area of marketing. Soft selling refers to anything that does not blatantly tell you to buy this product, but is more subtle about it. Soft selling articles generally just nudge you towards buying the certain product by informing you, gently and realistically, of its value.
These soft selling articles are perfect for selling products, as they don't feel like they are advertising anything. Instead, they feel more as if they are having something recommended to them, and readers will be much more inclined to respond to this kind of message. It feels more personal, and the reasoning behind it seems a lot more valid.
A soft selling article needs to be more informative than anything else, and it is important that if you want the message to get across, you are as logical and reasonable as possible. If there are any flaws, point those out, but then make sure you show how these flaws are irrelevant in whatever way. In all, the main key to soft selling articles is to make sure that you don't overdo them. Make them very gentle.
Hard selling is the opposite of soft selling. This is when you really push your product, and show people, often in a very extensive way, how amazing it is. These can seem unreasonable and ridiculous to some people, but these hard selling articles do have a good audience and can still make a fair amount of sales. In these articles, you generally do not mention any flaws, instead focusing on the positives, and you don't really focus very much on informing. Rather, you concentrate more on selling.
For both these kinds of articles, the usage of certain words is very important. You do need to use very persuasive text, as your real goal is basically to persuade the reader that your product is better than anything else they can get. Using strong words, instead of neutral ones, is a good way to make it more persuasive. Replacing a 'very' with 'extremely' here or there will work wonders on the overall feel of the article. And, of course, there are a lot of other tricks of the trade that are often used, and the best way to pick these up is to read through some articles intended for selling products.
Article writing is a tried and true method of selling products. Its effectiveness is one of the reasons that article writers are in such high demand for companies and retailers, and so making sure you are optimizing your article to get product sales is a great step to take.

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