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How To Improve Your Business By Writing Articles

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...Image via WikipediaThere are many ways of improving your business. Most businesses choose methods that cost money, but a lot of the time they are ignoring an incredibly effective way of getting the same level of improvement for next to no money. Article writing is becoming the most popular means of improving business, for those who know how.
Articles are most effective for use with an online business, but they can work otherwise. It just makes it a little more complicated. Either way, there are many ways you can use articles to improve your business.
There are two strategies one can use, and they are both quite effective. One of these strategies is to have articles written about your business itself and then circulated. These articles are said to be 'self-serving' and have no other purpose than advertise the business. They do generate a lot of targeted interest which is perfect for selling services or products; however, they can alienate anyone who doesn't know about the industry your business is in. This can be avoided by making sure everything is clearly explained, and getting a few extra articles written to add further details is not a bad idea.
Another problem that can occur with this strategy is that, if the article is posted on the internet, it is unlikely to get indexed onto the first page of any Google searches. Google does not place many self-serving articles on the front page, and this will limit the amount of traffic you can get dramatically.
It's actually a good idea to put these self-serving articles into a newsletter that people can subscribe to via email. This can earn you a lot of returning customers, as you will be constantly reminding them and letting them know about all the great things your business has going.
The other strategy is to have articles written on any popular niche subject, and then having your business' details put into it somewhere. Usually the best place to put the details is at the end, so the article doesn't seem to be soft-selling, which can turn away readers. This can generate a fair amount of interest, but in general it is quite untargeted and most people are unlikely to purchase any products or services. There will still be a fair amount of sales due to these articles, but the majority of people will not be interested.
The good part of using this strategy is that it is entirely possible for the article to get onto the front page of Google search listings. This way, your traffic skyrockets and your business gets a lot more attention. The article must be well-written for this to work, and it should be 'search engine optimized' for best results.
There are so many different ways to use articles to improve your business, and the best part is that it is entirely possible to do it for free. Writing your own articles is the ultimate marketing technique, and with some effort, you can make it work for your business.

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