Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Web 2.0 Marketing Strategy - The Shocking Reality

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 30:  LinkedIn Execut...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeHave you heard of the web 2.0 marketing strategy? It is being thrown around a lot in the Internet Business industry. So called experts are trying to explain how web 2.0 can help you to make money online. Every time someone hears this term being used as a marketing strategy they start to think of it as some secret scientific formula. The more scientific it sounds, then it must be a new secret strategy. Everyone wants that secret, but is this a new method of building an Internet business, or is it just a fancy name?
What is this latest advertising platform being debated on the web? There has been a lot of buzz circulating on the Internet, about just what web 2.0 means. Some Internet Marketers claim that it has no precedence to the marketing society. While others are acknowledging as the latest principles to marketing. It appears to describe the latest trends of advertising a website on the Internet. Due to our world wide web growing there is always a evolution of interacting with our customer base. Using this marketing term in a nutshell, suggest interacting with your customer base with the most modern technologies, and using the web-based communities as a platform to accomplish that.
As an example some of the latest marketing trends being utilized to interact with a target audience are social-net-workings sites, video sharing sites, blogs, and social bookmarking. Its about giving your website visitors a chance to interact. We are seeing cleaner, crisper web design concepts, with video, audio, and even live support, where visitors are able to interact with the website. Internet Marketers are almost trying to reach through the computer and relate with there customer base.
Is their an exact formula to succeed with Web 2.0 as a marketing strategy? It may be a new name, but many of the techniques have been around since the early days of the web. More experts are just starting to recognize it as a powerful tool and methodology to grow business. It is suggested while web 2.0 is a powerful and meaningful marketing strategy it just labels the latest trends on the Internet. If you hear someone trying to explain this latest marketing platform, it usually suggest learning the latest advertising solutions on the Internet, and discovering a more modern way to interact with your customer base.
Is this scientific solution to mastering the world wide web? I don't know about scientific but it certainly holds precedence to learning how to attract your customer base to your business. Will we see a web 3.0, it is suggested to be around the corner, if not already materializing. As the latest 2.0 trends enhance the web is finding new trends to enhance and improve on the old platforms. If you stay on the marketing trends, then no matter what numeric number we are hitting, then you may be ahead of the next wave of evolution.

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