Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Understanding Affiliate Marketing Programs

To simplify affiliate marketing programs a bit, one can say that affiliate programs are just another take at the traditional product endorsement. More appropriately, affiliate programs are product endorsement joint ventures in another medium. Product endorsement joint venture is a common and easily understood method of marketing. An endorser endorses a product, like an actress endorses a brand of lipstick, for example, and in return sshe will get a check whose amount is dependent on the number of sales during her endorsement tenure. The actress does not produce the lipstick; she also does not have any say on what goes into it, or what colors are produced. She does not answer any customer concerns that are targeted to the product. All she has to do is to tell people that this brand lipstick exists, that it is nice and that they should buy.

Affiliate marketing is like that, exactly. You have a website; you make a pretty and attractive banner that links to the company whose product you are advertising and you get a reward check that is dependent on the conversion rate of the visitors from your website. Like the actress endorsing the lipstick, you have no say in what practices the company you are advertising, you have no worries about customer service. The only purpose your website has for the company is to tell visitors that they exist, and they should check the company out.

Affiliate marketing will take some time to really grasp. There are a lot of affiliate marketing strategies and methods that you need to know first before you can actually start. But the only easy way for you to learn and expand your understanding is by learning and researching all the tricks of affiliate marketing from the experts. Learn from their blogs, or their books. You will not regret the effort.

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