Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips in Using RSS Feeds as Marketing Strategy

This icon, known as the "feed icon" ...Image via WikipediaRSS Feeds are valuable tool for marketing your business through the internet. RSS Feeds are type of web feeds that are published in a simple format that shows the recently updated blogs or headlines. This option should be available in your website so that if other people are encountering problems in loading your glamorous website, they can use the RSS version for fast and easy viewing.

Make sure that you are consistently post entries on your blogs or websites so that your RSS feeds will always be active. In this way you can make your customers feel that they are wanted and they would know how serious you are in your business.

Originality is also a key to successfully use RSS feeds for marketing. Your contents should be one of a kind at the same time informative. You can ask for other writers to help you in adding contents to your blog or website. Ask them to put their resource box below their posts and create a page about the editors.

If you are sharing and spreading emails, make sure to put the links of your blogs or RSS feeds. This will help you in promoting your business.

Add social features to your RSS feeds to show some involvement in the community. Also if you come up with a unique title, it will definitely catch lots of RSS feed reader.

Let's face it, not all people loves reading. With the use of bullet points and videos will make your readers rest their eyes from reading and won't be bored.

Posting comments from previous readers is an added factor to sell using RSS feeds. It makes your customers feel that they can have conversation to real people. It can also provide them answers that they needed.
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