Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting Your Exboyfriend Or Exgirlfriend Back - The Right Way How To?

Getting Your Exboyfriend Or Exgirlfriend Back - The Right Way

When you want advice on getting your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend back, the one thing you have to understand is that the approach you use will be basically the same no matter who did the dumping.  If you dumped them or they dumped you, there is still a fairly easy to follow path that you must take if you want to reconcile with your ex.  So many people completely mess up and lose all hope of ever getting their ex back.  What you don't do is as important as what you do.  

Follow these steps:

1. If you are in contact with your ex immediately stop talking to them. If they are calling you but they are turning a deaf ear to your pleas of reuniting than they are just playing with your emotions to build up their own ego.  If that is the case you may want to seriously reconsider if you want to be in a relationship with such a stupid, self centered, shallow person.  

2. Allow yourself a set amount of time to hide out in your home.  It's ok to spend some time wallowing in your misery and not getting out of your pajamas for days on end.  The one rule you must follow though is that that has to be a very limited time offer.  You have to set a time limit on how much moping around you can do. You  can have two weeks, max.  After that time you have to stand up, shower, and rejoin the human race.  No one is saying that you should be completely over your breakup or your pain, but you do have to start living your life again.
3. Work out, get your hair done, buy some new clothes (don't overspend though), take a class, brush up your resume and try to find a better job, etc.  The point here is that you should work on doing things that will make you feel better about you.  Take this time to make changes to the person you are.  Make sure you don't change yourself with the sole purpose of getting your ex back, you are changing because you want to improve the person you are. You are doing it for yourself with the added benefit of getting your ex back, not the other way around.

4. Honestly address any of the problems you brought to the relationship.  If you were clingy or unavailable,  too needy or too cold, or just too quick to anger, these are the issues you need to change if you want to have a great relationship with anyone. Take this time to figure out the most relationship ending flaws you have and fix them.

5. Now that you've spent some time away from your ex and making positive lifestyle changes, it's time to show off the new you. Call your ex and casually ask them if they'd like to meet for coffee. Make sure you keep it casual.  They will avoid you if they think this is going to be a big emotional blowup.  Just let them know you'd like to know how they're doing.  During the meeting let them see the changes you've made.  If you play it cool and remind them, by actions not words, of the great qualities you have, they may be the one asking you to get back with them.

Getting your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend back isn't rocket science.  You just have to become a better person and let your ex see the improvements you've made.  At that point they will either want you back or they may have already decided that they just don't want to go backwards. Whatever the outcome is, you'll still be in a better position to make your next relationship work, whether or not it's with your ex.

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