Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 tips Build Stronger SEO With Internal Links‏

Building external links is one of the vital things SEO technicians
do to get their clients to the top of their search engine listings.
These links are important to promote SEO for a site, but it's also
important to look at the internal links - those links that are
already located within your website.
Internal links sometimes gets overlooked, but can help your SEO
immensely. You really should be taking care of your internal links
before working on external ones. There's times when a site with a
better internal structure gets ranked hirer than one with a poor
internal structure with a number of external links. The great thing
about internal links is that they're coming from an authoritative
site which is your own. Authority is something that external links
sometimes lack.
Internal links are used by search engine spiders to see what is on
all of your pages. So you'll want to build the content on your
website by using keywords you're targeting through out it. When you
increase the page rank of your internal pages it will overall
increase your site's ranking.
If your website has been on the internet for a good amount of time,
it tends to get better SEO than others because it has a history of
internal links that search engines use. If your website is newer,
it will take time for the results to take effect, but it can
definitely be ranked higher through internal links if done
Also, remember that not only should keywords be put into your
content, but should be put into file names as well. SEO keywords
should cover codes, tags, anchors, picture files, folder names,
White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques...Image via Wikipedia
etc. It isn't just limited to the content of your website. If you place an image on your website and it's named "1023940.jpg" then the search engines aren't going to read it. But, if you named it "onlinebirthdaycards.jpg" for your on-line birthday cards website, then the search engines will be able to pick that up and rank you better. Internal linking is important to get all of your pages found by search engine spiders. It's useless to have 40 pages throughout your website if only six of them are being found. Keep internal linking in mind in your SEO efforts and internet marketing techniques.  

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