Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DWI Fort Worth, Fort Worth DWI lawyer, and DWI attorney Fort Worth

DWI Fort Worth, Fort Worth DWI lawyer, and
DWI attorney Fort Worth



One of my good friend on a Saturday
night he caught by police When he was returning from a disco bar. A police
officer caught him in the
Fort Worth
 act.  After this my friend
face so many problem. If you have been charged with a DWI you know how many
problem you faced.

In a situation like this you need a tough experienced
lawyer to help you fight for your rights. When I was listen this problem. I
found a very good Fort Worth DWI
team on net McConathy
and McConathy .
If you are facing situation like this I highly recommend
a McConathy and McConathy defense team. 
They are best of the best defense team in the Dallas, Fort Worth,
Irving, Denton, Collin County courts McConathy and McConathy Defense firm run
by experienced father and son legal team.

            Father Mr. Tex McConathy
Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization,
founding and senior member of McConathy & McConathy, a
DWI attorney Fort Worth with over 30 years experience in defending
the rights of citizens of the United States and the State of Texas accused of
criminal offenses. Tex McConathy has handled over 4000 cases in the Dallas,
Fort Worth
, Irving,
Denton, and Collin County courts.

            Son Richard C. McConathy,
junior member of McConathy & McConathy, has been co-counsel for Tex
McConathy in more than 500 criminal proceedings in the Dallas, Denton Fort
Worth, Irving, and Collin County courts while in the practice of law.

and McConathy is a very good defense team. They are defending citizens over the
past 30 years. McConathy and McConathy 
have won over 91% of their DWI cases.

            At last I want to say you if you are
drunk never sit on the wheel.  If you
are arrest by police in DWI act then go to McConathy and McConathy for defend
your rights

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